Find Oil and Gas Drilling Products in Greeley, Colorado & Cheyenne, Wyoming

Gessi has the products you need to manage your drilling waste streams

To effectively and efficiently manage wastes generated from your drilling process, you need products that are specifically engineered to handle all types from A to Z... GESSI, LLC manufactures an array of premixed products that can be purchased in bulk or super sacks for oil and gas waste management in Greeley, Colorado & Cheyenne, Wyoming and throughout the western region.

oil drilling waste management greeley co

Our products help with all types of liquid absorption and solidification needs

Our array of well drilling products will assist you with the management of:

  • Water Based Solutions
  • Oil Based Solutions
  • Synthetics
  • Cement
  • Wash Out Fluids
  • and other liquid waste streams

Our products are mixed with your material while drilling cuttings to prevent spills.
Contact GESSI today to learn more about our products for oil and gas drilling waste management in Greeley, Colorado & Cheyenne, Wyoming.